“Otherways” finds for other ways to touch the hearts of a curious, demanding and sensitive audience with the subtle cuts between the old and the modern. More than a brand, it is a global approach, a personal adventure of its founder, Delphine Randet, having in mind the ambition to create a beautiful, high-end and unique collection of blankets, plaids and scarves.

The range of products offered is the result of the rediscovery of ancestral processes, singular human encounters and the use of the best qualities of wool, without concessions as much on aesthetics as on ethics.

Locally inspired and declined in contemporary forms, handmade on site and using proven methods, each product is exclusive and elegant. The refined assortment of current colors highlights the Tibetan and Nepalese patterns. The Tibetan yak or the Mongolian camel wool generates a feeling of well-being similar to that of cashmere.

The best Nepalese craftsmen resurrect a level of excellence that has never been forgotten: with them, a lasting relationship rests on mutual esteem. The equivalence of contributions is not threatened when their lifestyle, income and recognition are not to be won. Their commitment becomes inexhaustible if they participate in the demonstration, valorization and preservation of their know-how.