Beauty defies time when neither nostalgia for the past nor alienation in the present inspires it.

Keeping in mind her experience of 15 years in the fashion industry acquired at LVMH and KERING, Delphine Randet associate with permanent criteria of excellence the artisan occurrence to create a high-end and unique collection of blankets, plaids and scarves branded Otherways.

More than a brand, it is a personal adventure of its founder, the result of rediscovery of ancestral processes, singular human encounters, careful selection of exceptional fibers, borrowing from local traditions and respecting the natural environment.

Without doing concessions as much on aesthetics as on ethics.

Handmade on site in Kathmandu, each product is exclusive and elegant, generating a feeling of well-being similar to that of cashmere, with the refined assortment of current shades and the best qualities of yak.

With the Nepalese craftsmen, a lasting relationship rests on mutual esteem. The equivalence of contributions is not threatened when their lifestyle, income and recognition are not to be won.

Patterns, colors and materials are coming in various forms on a place where exchanges between human beings produce an imperceptible movement towards the future.