Otherways products are made in Tibetan yak and Mongolian camel wools.

Wild or domestic yaks live at high-altitude above 3000 meters in the Tibetan mountains, on the borders of the Himalayas. Their wool is made up of a rare slight down that nomads call khullu. Its properties are comparable to those of cashmere.

Soft, light and extremely fine, the fibers are sturdy and warm, allowing the yak to withstand blizzards and cold weather down to – 40°C.

Yaks molt and naturally shed their hair in the spring. Since they do not ooze, fibers of its wool do not get damaged in any chemical treatment. The Mongolian camel is one of the most valuable species in the Gobi Desert and its wool promotion contributes to its protection. Fleece recovery is done by mowing.

Otherways products consist of higher-grade raw materials that are collected without pain or abuse.